This online proof-of-concept website demonstrates how the idea of Home Performance Labelling might be used in practice.

The project aims to research the business case for the Home Performance Label (HPL).

The Project Team now consists of representatives from BLP, HTA, Hurford Salvi Carr, Imperial College London and The Housing Forum.


The Housing Forum Home Performance Labelling pilot explores how to improve the information available to consumers about the performance of their home. For the purposes of this presentation imagine you are surfing a comparison website. We have brought together a sample range of homes to demonstrate how the comparison site might work. In addition to the normal list view, grid view and map view that such sites use to present the results of the search engine, our pilot proposes a data view which will show you how the selected homes compare in predicted performance and whether they measure up to a benchmark standard. All metrics are derived from house types submitted by project collaborators and assessed using BIM and BLP's Butterfly tool.